Keep up to date with the project by following this feed of blog posts by our archaeologists, heritage workers and other partners.

3rd October 2019

This post is written by Patricia Hart, who directs our partner ArchaeoLink. Here she details exciting new plans to return to Pangani and continue the brilliant work with the schools she made contact with in 2018.


3rd October 2019

This blog, about the process creating the brochures for Kilwa Kisiwani & Songo Mnara, is written by Katrina Foxton (prev. of University of York) with contributions from the rest of the CONCH team. 


The brief

9th September 2019

Blogu hii imeandikwa kwa kiswahili na kwa kiingereza. This blog is written in both Swahili and English.

26th August 2019

Blogu hii itaandikwa kwa kutumia lugha za Kiswahili na Kiingereza. This blog is written in Swahili and English.

21st May 2019

This blog is written by students at UDSM who worked with the CONCH team in the summer of 2018 during fieldschool in Pangani. In April 2019 they exhibited their work at a poster competition during a study week and won third prize in the undergraduate catergory.

23rd February 2019

This blog is written by CONCH's project coordinator, Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones, of the University of York. She reflects back on the success of last years work and looks forward to the future plans for the CONCH project in Kilwa, this summer.


14th December 2018

In this piece, Matty Rowland (MA student at the University of York) explains part of the heritage team's project in setting up a digital Twine app which would help to reveal the hidden stories of artefacts held in the Pangarithi.

23rd November 2018

Our collaborator Archaeolink have produced a blog about a walk about with school children on their own webpage.

16th November 2018

This post is written by Dr Dav Smith, buildings archaeologist at the University of York. He gives details on how his work on surveying buildings fitted in with the rest of the CONCH project including the heritage team's work.