Nick Pearson's picture
Excavation Coordinator
Nick entered the entertaining world of archaeology when rather than get a summer job as a 14 year old he elected to volunteer as a digger on the Anglo Saxon monastic site at Jarrow in the northeast of England. This year will mark 50 years since he made that choice and apart from an unfortunate diversion involving a University of London law degree, archaeology has been his life. Initially this involved working on Viking age sites in Orkney and then onto the magnificent multi period site that is York. A chance overland trip to eastern Africa widened Nick's horizon leading him eventually to working as the archaeologist in post at the Phuthadikobo Museum in Botswana in the mid 1990's. Since then his love of Africa has led him to a variety of sites across sub-Saharan Africa in Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and now finally Pangani in Tanzania.